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Hawaii Agricultural Mediation Program (HIAMP)


The Hawaii Agricultural Mediation Program (HIAMP) is the official United States Department of Agriculture certified agricultural mediation program for Hawaii. HIAMP provides free mediation services to the agricultural community to help resolve disputes before they end up in court. For background information about mediation; click here.

“The Hawaii Agricultural Mediation Program provides producers, lenders, and others in the agricultural community in Hawaii free mediation services on a variety of agricultural disputes. Mediation is a non-confrontational way to resolve disputes that often saves parties time and money. Should you be involved in an agricultural dispute, please contact the program to see if they can help you resolve the issue.” – Russell S. Kokubun, Chairperson, Board of Agriculture, State of Hawaii

What Kinds of Agricultural Disputes Can Be Mediated?

  • Adverse Decisions from USDA agencies
  • Compliance Issues with USDA Farm and Conservation Programs
  • Farm and Rural Development Loans
  • Wetlands Determinations
  • Crop Insurance
  • Pesticide Issues
  • Other Agricultural Disputes


How Much Does Mediation Cost?

HIAMP provides free mediation services to the agricultural community in Hawaii on the issues listed above. For other agricultural issues, HIAMP will provide the mediation services free of charge when other funding sources are available. In some cases, HIAMP may ask parties to pay based on a sliding scale.


Steps in requesting mediation through HIAMP

  1. Fill out the Request for Mediation form.
  2. HIAMP staff will confirm that the other party (or parties) is willing to participate in the mediation.
  3. HIAMP staff will conduct brief confidential interviews to learn background information about the dispute.
  4. HIAMP will assign a mediator from the Agricultural Mediation Roster or HIAMP staff based on subject matter expertise, geography, and availability.
  5. The mediator will contact the parties to arrange a date, time and location for the mediation session.